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Lest's talk!

First of all, we always meet for a coffee in order to hear from your project, to get the idea, how to improve your product or whatever utopian thought you have. We will be pleased to help you and collaborate with you.


We will be curious, we will ask you everything about your bussiness. In order to create efficient "use cases", we need to know all the requirements to be developed referring to your project for analysing and plan the optimal development to reach the goals of your bussiness.


Once we know the needed requirements for developing your project, we will present our proposal, that will include the following sections:

  • Description of the functionalities to be developed.
  • Required timing to develop your product
  • Number of professionals from Cactus that will join your team
  • List of technologies for developing the product
  • Budget and payment terms.


The budget will be the result got from combing the following variables:

  • Number of required sprints for devolping the initial requirements
  • Speed of each sprint (number of weeks that the develpment will last)
  • Number of experts that work in each sprint.

Sketch Day

Along this day, our team will work in the digital product forecast. We will go deeply into the creation of a prototype in full detail. When, transferring it to an interactive wireframe by turning them into a tangible prototype.

Time to take decisions.

When you have a look at our wireframes, we will provide you several possibilities to be developed. In order to achieve your goals, we will take decisions both together. You know all about your bussiness, we know how to carry out everything.


We are not afraid of an extreme deadline. We will draw up a planning and we will work in a fast and an efficient way to develop your project in record time and on time.

User Experience

By taking into consideration the sketch and the taken decisions, we will create the perfect user experience focused on our visitors to become loyal customers. We have 3 rules: Creative sites, tested usability and "everything must work".

We love code

We will show you our accurate plan to do the impossible, create a product ready to be launched onto the market in a few days. Our code is characterised by being legible, scalable and tested.

Time to learn with your clients.

Launch your product into the market and check what your clients think about it. Analyse that feedback and find out, thanks to your clients, how to improve your bussiness. Minimise the risks. Don't stop growing.

Shall we do it again?

We grow professionally and efficiently in agile methodologies, because that is the most intelligent way to keep on innovating. Projects are never finished, we are always looking for a new challenge.
We love challenges.

Do you have an interesting project?